Lambert Bracket Contest

As mentioned in our previous blog, given the absence of March Madness, our team was inspired to create our own tournament bracket featuring Lambert’s Capital Markets team. We are calling this Team-Based tournament the Lambert Capital Markets Suite Sixteen.

Today’s matchups feature team members from the Tenacious region. Round one finds founder and CEO, Jeff “El Jefe” Lambert against analyst, Andrew Sedlar. While sharing “Yooper” origins with Michigan State basketball coach Tom Izzo, Andrew is unlikely to be supported by lifelong Spartan, Jeff. Could we see a UMBC over Virginia first-round miraculous upset again? YOU DECIDE!

Jeff “El Jefe” Lambert, Founder and CEO

  • Why capital markets/IR? IR is at the top of the org chart and thus the top of the food chain in the communications world, and our results are measurable every day when the markets close.
  • Why Lambert? We pioneered the integrated IR and PR firm model and it translates to bottom-line impact for every client whether they’re publicly traded, PE- or VC-backed, or entrepreneur owned. It’s this heritage in investor relations and capital markets that keeps us focused on the business outcomes of our work and that’s a clear differentiator.
  • Career highlight/memory: Securing a $10 million investment for a micro-cap company in a single meeting that began with “why is your IR guy here?” or winning a Silver Anvil – the Oscar of PR – with a simple anniversary celebration that became a national tour and a published product that generated more than $1 million in sales.
  • Fun fact: I got a tattoo to win an international scavenger hunt.

Andrew Sedlar, Analyst

  • Why capital markets/IR? Investor relations allows me to continually expand my expertise with ever-changing business situations and market conditions.    
  •  Why Lambert? Working at Lambert provides me with a wide range of involvement in various industries and functions that I would otherwise not experience.
  • Career highlight/memory: Being able to work with a fun and tenacious team every day.
  • Fun fact: I am the tallest employee at Lambert.

The other Tenacious Region matchups pit newly acquired, Buffalo-based Managing Director, Lynn Casteel against Detroit-based Sawyer Lipari, senior director. While these two may share heartache across NFL franchises, there is no love lost in this matchup!

Lynn Casteel, Managing Director

  • Why capital markets/IR? Experience. Experience. Experience.
  • Why Lambert? Deep industry knowledge and the perspective that comes from experience.
  • Career highlight/memory: Surviving Black Friday 1987, the dot com bubble, and the “Great Recession”   
  • Fun fact: If something is yellow, I’ll likely buy it.

Sawyer Lipari, Senior Director

  • Why capital markets/IR? While I originally began my career in public relations, I was interested in understanding how the business strategy with investors and traditional media could intersect. Thus, I challenged myself to overlap my more than 10 years of PR experience with the IR practice.
  • Why Lambert? As a top-IR and PR agency, Lambert offers the opportunity for continued professional growth and development in weaving together investor relations and public relations, while continuing to be an innovator within many facets of agency life—from IR to PR to creative services.
  • Career highlight/memory: Pointing an AK-47 at a gun-detecting robot during a new business meeting. How we got to this point during a meeting…we are still unclear. 
  • Fun fact: I have a knack for finding four-leaf clovers.


Thank you for voting! Congratulations to Andrew and Sawyer!