Given the absence of March Madness, our team was inspired to create our own tournament bracket with Lambert’s “athletes,” as founder and CEO Jeff Lambert has long labeled his team members.

With the current environment surrounding COVID-19, we’ve spent a lot of time over the past few weeks getting to better know each other and decided to focus on our Capital Markets team. We wanted to foster more collaboration with our new team members to create an opportunity for all Lambert audiences to connect and learn more about our team and the suite of services we provide at Lambert!

Each weekday, we will feature one or two matchups between team members, with voting options for each matchup right here on our blog! Each round will pit two “athlete” profiles against each other, with a comprehensive overview of their title, bio, Capital Markets background and path to Lambert, as well as career highlights and fun facts.

We are calling this Team-Based tournament the Lambert Capital Markets Suite Sixteen.

As you can see in the below bracket, we are featuring 16 Capital Markets team members, represented across four different regions based on our firm’s cultural values: the Tenacious region, the Honorable region, the Creative region, and the Play-Making region.

We need YOUR help to choose the most-deserving Capital Markets team member profile for ultimate (home) office bragging rights – all in good fun, of course!