By Rachel Felice, Associate  

Community engagement is essential to your organization’s success

Tenacious. Clever. Playmaking. Honorable. Team-Based. These are the five core values at the foundation of our culture at Lambert. Our core values are woven into the work we do every day for clients, but those values are not constrained to just the office—they are interlaced into the work we do in our communities, too.

Since Lambert’s inception more than 20 years ago, strengthening and giving back to the communities we work in has been a top priority—and we are thrilled to work with so many clients who also emphasize the importance of community-driven work. Because the truth is, if you want members of the community you work in to accept your business, it’s important to show you care and are committed to the community thriving as much as they are. From sitting on committees and boards to volunteering with numerous nonprofit organizations, Lambert is dedicated to playing a part in creating positive change throughout Michigan and beyond.

A great means of community engagement is simply by volunteering. Volunteering can have a significant impact on the community as well as on your team. Not only does it foster a meaningful team bonding experience, it also leaves employees with a feeling of pride—for themselves but also for the giving organization they work for. America’s Charities Snapshot Employee Research found that 71% of employees believe it’s imperative or very important to work where culture is supportive of giving and volunteering.

Recently, our Grand Rapids office volunteered at God’s Kitchen in the Heartside Neighborhood where they prepped and served meals to 185 members of the community. They also supported the Kids’ Food Basket in packing sack dinners for local children. In December, our Detroit office participated in the Volunteers of America’s Adopt a Family program to provide Christmas presents for a Detroit family in need.

In addition to volunteer opportunities, at Lambert, we also place an emphasis on inviting our employees to join a board or committee of their choosing, in an effort to give team members an opportunity to pursue their passion projects. We have team members who serve on boards for organizations like City Year, the YMCA and Well House, among many others. The animal lovers on our team work with the Humane Society of West Michigan to create cute holiday adoption videos, and we also provide annual support for the Armed Forces annual Thanksgiving Luncheon in West Michigan and Detroit. Since Lambert was founded in 1998, we have contributed more than $2.5 million in pro bono work and contributions.

Making an effort to engage with the people who live where you work matters, and it has the power to create positive and impactful change in the community. Contact Joe DiBenedetto, managing director and chair of Lambert’s Education and Social Impact practice to learn how we can help your organization create a strategic and thoughtful community engagement plan.