By Joe DiBenedetto

Detroit is experiencing a major renaissance—returning to its former glory as one of America’s greatest cities. One way in which this renaissance is obvious is in the vast amount of development taking place across the city. While development is certainly a positive for economic growth, it’s critical that development be inclusive and equitable, so as not to exclude existing residents who have called Detroit home for decades.

On this episode of Purposeful Pitch, my colleague, Sawyer Lipari, and I speak to Sonya Mays, president and CEO of Develop Detroit, a non-profit organization committed to building vibrant, resilient communities and expanding opportunities for all residents to succeed. Develop Detroit creates mixed-income communities and single-family homes across Detroit—featuring an integrated approach to stabilizing and growing neighborhoods.

Our conversation with Sonya covers the dreaded ‘G’ word—gentrification—and how Develop Detroit is working with partners across the city, such as Capital Impact Partners, to ensure current residents aren’t left outside looking in while economic development continues throughout Detroit.

The two projects include over $36 million in investment and more than 100 new homes (single family, townhomes and luxury apartment homes).

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