Due to growing epidemics like the opioid crisis, and systematic underfunding of mental and behavioral health services, discussions on such issues have become more prevalent over the past decade. Open conversations take place more frequently among families, in business settings and within schools. Our understanding of the importance of mental and behavioral health on our overall well-being has come a long way—to the point where Oregon now allows students to take mental health days during the school year—and these conversations are critical for continued progress.

While we have made tremendous strides, there are still stigmas associated with mental and behavioral health that need to be eradicated. Additionally, how we treat and fund these issues remains a serious concern across the country.

On this episode of Purposeful Pitch, I engage Bob Sheehan, CEO of the Community Mental Health Association of Michigan, in a conversation on the evolution of how we approach mental and behavioral health in the United States, the current state of treatment and what more we should be doing to increase access to services.

During my conversation with Bob, I talk about my own experience as the father of a child with anxiety. I can see now that I was never fully prepared to help her through that experience – dealing with her feelings in a way that wasn’t beneficial to either one of us. For that reason, this conversation is very personal to me. Knowing that there are others who have probably been through similar experiences, I would encourage you to listen, and join in the conversation.

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