School Foundations with Sally Andreatta and Joe DiBenedettoSchool funding is a sensitive topic. While many think we don’t spend enough on schools, others would argue that we spend too much. Having worked with public schools for more than 20 years, I know that administrators and parents are always fighting for more funding. One thing is clear – there will never be a consensus on school funding.

On this episode of the Purposeful Pitch, I speak with Sally Andreatta, executive director of the Grand Rapids Student Advancement Foundation. If you’re unfamiliar with school foundations, you’re not alone. Education foundations are privately operated, nonprofit organizations established to assist public schools by augmenting, supplementing or complementing programs and activities currently being provided by the school district.

Sally has a long history in leading nonprofit organizations and is a self-proclaimed intrapreneur, implementing strategy to elevate the nonprofit’s leadership profile, engaging effective partners, raising awareness and inspiring action. Join me for a discussion with Sally on why more people don’t know what school foundations do and why they’re more important than ever.

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