Lambert Bracket Contest

First off, congrats to Detroit representatives Senior Directors Sawyer Lipari and Brent Snavely for advancing to the Final Four in part 1 of our Elite Eight matchups! The revitalization of Detroit continues here in our Capital Markets bracket, with now a sure spot in the finals!

Today features the final second round, Elite Eight matchups from the Creative/Clever Region and the Play-Making Region. Fittingly in the Creative Region, two digital mavens have advanced with TiiCKER Chief Digital Officer Chris Tromp facing Director of Digital & Social Strategy Derek DeVries! Whose social strategic prowess will again prevail in round two?

The Play-Making Region Elite Eight matchup features two Investor Relations team members, Senior Manager Tyler Deur against Director Kate Croft. Both tout diverse skillsets and backgrounds, with Kate mentioning she has lived in three different states over the past four years – currently representing our New York office while working from Virginia – but will she add to the count with either a state of victory or a state of shock in this tournament?!