Anyone who’s had the pleasure of meeting Ashanti Bryant can’t help but be engrossed by his enormous personality. By making every person he meets feel as though they’re the only one there, he captivates every room he walks into. As a result, he’s become a tremendous public advocate for those whose voices aren’t always represented.

The education director for Amplify GR, a nonprofit organization committed to widening pathways for all, Ashanti knows that strengthening access to high-quality education options is essential for a community’s growth. That’s why he’s leading the charge to expand access to early childhood learning for families in Grand Rapids.

A veteran educator, Ashanti knows that the foundation to lifelong learning begins in preschool. He knows that only by working together as a community can we ensure that all families, regardless of socio-economic status, receive the services essential to success.

On this episode of Purposeful Pitch, Ashanti and I engage in an important—and sometimes silly—conversation about education, advocacy and community. I hope you enjoy listening to it nearly as much as I enjoyed recording it. Our discussion may stray from its original path from time to time, but I’m confident that you will find value in the conversation. Though our primary focus is on Grand Rapids, the challenges and opportunities discussed throughout are applicable to communities across the country.

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