By Joe DiBenedetto, Education & Social Impact Practice Chair 

Having worked with public schools for more than two decades, I continue to marvel at the commitment required by superintendents. A typical workday for a school superintendent is 14-16 hours long, due to early mornings and the various evening commitments that take place throughout the school district. Of course, this doesn’t factor in winter months, when decisions about weather-related school closures start late at night and end before 5 a.m. You won’t hear superintendents asking for compassion and understanding, but let me tell you, they deserve it, and they also deserve our thanks.

I can’t express how important having a good (great) superintendent is to a community. Given the vital role schools play in a community’s success, strong leadership is critical. When you’re responsible for stewarding public funds, like superintendents are—in partnership with their boards of education—you always have a bullseye on your back. Being able to handle that pressure isn’t easy. Those who have been to public meetings where residents register complaints against the superintendent will certainly agree, especially when those complaints are uncensored.

I respect the passion and dedication school superintendents demonstrate every day, which is why I invited Scott Korpak, superintendent of Northview Public Schools, to join me on this episode of Purposeful Pitch. Since being appointed superintendent at Northview (located in West Michigan), Scott has worked closely with his talented team, his board, and the community to ensure students across the district receive a high-quality education. As the workplace continues to evolve, Scott has helped ensure that the school district’s offerings do too, providing innovative programs that allow students to choose the appropriate pathway to their success.

Whether or not you have a child in school, I would encourage you to get to know the superintendent in your community. I’m certain that if you do invest the time, you will come away with a greater appreciation for the role they play and for their commitment to the community’s children.

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