Lambert Bracket Contest

As we may have expected, TiiCKER and digital team members Chris Tromp and Derek DeVries advanced to the second round from the Creative Region. Today’s matchups feature team members across the country in the Play-Making Region. Round one features Investor Relations Senior Director Jeff Tryka, CFA, and Senior Manager Tyler Deur. Jeff and Tyler have worked together for over six years, both as colleagues and in a client/consultant partnership, so this SHOULD be a friendly battle. Based in Elkhart, Indiana, we will see if Jeff’s fight and determination live up to that of an elk’s (notoriously large) heart.

Jeff Tryka, CFA, Senior Director

  • Why capital markets/IR? Having studied accounting and finance, I began my career on Wall Street and have had the luxury of pursuing a number of different paths in Capital Markets, from auditing to being a research analyst, to being an investor relations officer.  Effectively communicating the value of a business to investors in a way they easily understand brings me great satisfaction.
  • Why Lambert? The people make the difference at Lambert.  Our team-based approach provides great opportunities for people to improve their skills and gain new experiences in any phase of their career, while our clients provide challenges and a daily opportunity to achieve great results and enhance market efficiency.
  • Career highlight/memory: Arranging the NYSE closing bell ceremony to celebrate the 30th Anniversary of our Client, Thor Industries’ listing on the exchange.
  • Fun fact: I have a wine and food blog – Lumpy’s Wine Blog. 

Tyler Deur, Senior Manager

  • Why capital markets/IR? In college, I studied finance, marketing and journalism. I was looking for a hybrid opportunity that combined both sides of the brain. So far in my career, I have already gained extensive experience and knowledge pursuing different strategic objectives, including a variety of pursuits for growth, from business unit turnarounds and multi-million and -billion-dollar acquisitions to capitalization on expanded total addressable markets and global footprint, as well as crisis communications.
  • Why Lambert? I inherited a passion to make a difference while studying at Calvin College and have since been driven by a sense of purpose and core values. These career principles have only been strengthened throughout my Lambert experience through collaboration with our great team members and clients.
  • Career highlight/memory: Led efforts for investor and media relations campaign for a client’s NYC analyst day and vehicle showcase event, including developing related communications tools and pitching of media, which resulted in more than 100 unique, nationwide hits – including the Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg, Reuters, TheStreet and Motley Fool. Improved client’s stock price 21 percent on the day of the event, while the company’s market cap increased by $91 million (from $425m to $516m), and daily trading volume grew nearly 10x.  Perhaps most notably, it was the biggest one day, stock price increase for the company in over 8.5 years!
  • Fun fact: While in college, I created a basketball trick shot video that went viral, gaining over 539,000 views on YouTube. I was interviewed by local media and performed live trick shots for multiple news segments.

The other Play-Making Region matchup features team members from our two New York offices (Buffalo and NYC). Managing Partner, Kristin Celauro joined the Lambert team through our 2018 acquisition of Owen Blicksilver PR, while Investor Relations Director, Kate Croft, joins our team from our more recent acquisition of Casteel Schoenborn IR (though based in Virginia). May the best KC win!

Kristin Celauro, Managing Partner

  • Why capital markets/IR? … because “the business of America is business” (paraphrasing Calvin Coolidge / quoting Daddy Warbucks)
  • Why Lambert? Building a national team by adding the best practitioners/teams in local markets.
  • Career highlight/memory: When I was just starting out, Donald Trump used to call our offices to talk about publicity for real estate deals he was doing with our clients.
  • Fun fact: My family and I own a small farm in New Jersey.

Kate Croft, Director

  • Why capital markets/IR? I love writing and the challenge of figuring out a better way to communicate something.  IR provides many opportunities for that!
  • Why Lambert? I joined Lambert at the start of 2020 through its acquisition of Casteel Schoenborn.  It’s been a great fit and I love having more colleagues to interact with and more capabilities to offer my clients.
  • Career highlight/memory: Joining Casteel Schoenborn was one of the best decisions I ever made.  I learned so much, worked with some of the nicest colleagues and clients you could have, and have produced work I’m really proud of.  I’m excited for the highlights and memories that will come during this new chapter with Lambert – fortunately with many of the same coworkers and clients!
  • Fun fact: In the past four years I have lived in three different states.