Lambert Bracket Contest

Our Team-Based tournament, the Lambert Capital Markets Suite Sixteen, has now reached the final!

Detroit-based Senior Director Sawyer Lipari and Grand Rapids-based Director of Digital & Social Strategy Derek DeVries represent two of our Michigan offices in what has been a nationwide tournament. Imagine Michigan vs. Michigan State in the NCAA finals – oh, what could’ve been!

Today features the Tenacious and Creative/Clever regions – with Sawyer’s tenacity shining through in the last round especially, amassing an amount of votes that can only be described as a “heater”, while Derek’s cleverness and creativity are sure to offer stiff competition for the ultimate bragging rights!

Again, Sawyer and Derek have shared an anecdote or personal example of their regional core value, which can be seen below.

We thank you all for your participation in this fun office tournament, but we need your help one final time to decide our Capital Markets champion!

Sawyer Lipari – Tenacious Committed to delivering on client objectives and goals, Sawyer persuaded a Wall Street Journal reporter to drive from Pennsylvania to Flint, Michigan, (at the height of the water crisis) to take a tour of the city and talk to government officials, local business executives and community influencers about Flint still being open for business.

Derek DeVries – Creative/Clever The relentless pace of change (especially online) demands we continually test new approaches – whether it’s applying practices from one industry to another or fashioning something entirely original. Being clever is an asset at all stages of client campaigns – from envisioning the over-arching strategy down to designing trading cards to help the audience participate in telling a brand’s story.

Thank you for your participation in Lambert’s Capital Markets Suite Sixteen bracket tournament. Congratulations to Sawyer Lipari for winning the championship.