By Megan McCarl, Senior Manager

Congratulations! You’ve recently secured a media placement in one of your target media outlets. But now what? Check out our four easy tips to get the most out of your media coverage:

  1. Post to social media. Because your audience already took the time to follow your social channels to keep up with your organization, they are likely interested in any recent news featuring your company. Share this exciting clip along with a creative post that includes a link to the article and an image of the placement. Don’t forget to tag the media outlet and reporter as an appropriate recognition of the work and to extend visibility for the news.
  2. Write a blog post. Blog posts are a great way to share the news with others, but also to expand on your product or services. Do you have other products or services that align with the article topic? Share a link to them. Do you have other experts on this topic? Include a quote from them. Once posted on your website, also share on your social channels to boost readership.
  3. Share in your email signature. This is a subtle way to highlight your coverage or award win. Simply include the masthead of the outlet or recognition (be sure to check permissions use first) so it’s easily visible to your contacts. You could also include a short blurb highlighting the recognition. Don’t forget to hyperlink the coverage so your contacts can easily click to check it out.
  4. Encourage sharing. Your colleagues and friends have their own individual networks and can be valuable resources to extending the life and engagement of a media placement. Send out an email encouraging them to share the coverage on their personal channels. Make it even easier for them to share by including short copy they can easily cut and paste.

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