Election 2016: Going Forward - What's Next?From the very beginning of Election 2016, everyone underestimated Donald Trump – Republicans, Democrats, and Independents alike.  But after a tumultuous presidential race filled with scandals and intrigue on both sides of the aisle, he pulled off what is arguably the most stunning victory in the history of presidential elections. Trump channeled the anger of average Americans against Washington. He tapped into their anxiety about the present and their fears for the future. He spoke to the pain they felt as they worked hard but still got left behind by those they had entrusted with power.
His strategy worked. But at what cost? How do we move forward after an election that sowed anger and resentment and further divided our nation? Even those of us who supported Donald Trump had to accept his randomness and volatility as part of “the package” – as part of what we felt was needed to shake things up in politics. We wanted our voices heard; his campaign listened.
No matter what your thoughts are surrounding this election, we must come to terms with it. Donald Trump is America’s President-Elect. Now is not the time for threats, nor is it the time for gloating. Now is not the time for the losing side to cry over their fate – because it is not a fate one side must bear alone. As we become increasingly polarized as a nation, it is time for us, now more than ever, to find whatever common ground that exists and move forward. Together. As one America. We live in a two-party country in which half of the voters celebrate Tuesday’s outcome and the other half mourn. But this division will not solve our problems. On the contrary, it will only make them worse. It is now time for unity.
President-Elect Trump agrees. He pledged that he would do all that he could to unify the country during his victory speech on Wednesday, arguing that we need to seek common ground, not hostility. This, by the way, is the same theme of most Presidential acceptance speeches no matter the party or year. In the same speech, Trump began to lay out his plans to revamp our country’s infrastructure – something that all Americans will benefit from.
No matter your political affiliation, we remain Americans above all else. Mr. Trump has been chosen to lead this country for all Americans and I humbly suggest we give him a chance to do so. We are in this together; a failure on the President’s part is a failure on all of us.
As the dust settles, I am both curious and excited to see what the future brings with our new leadership. No matter what, I’m convinced a unified front is integral to our future success. I hope you will join me, if not in support of the man, in support of the office and our great country.
Heather Lombardini is a director at Sterling Corporation, a Lambert Company