The United States Football League (USFL) was starting its 2nd season and expanded into new markets, including Detroit. Lambert partnered with USFL to be an extension and local proxy of the Michigan Panthers and Philadelphia Stars marketing teams. Our team was tasked with bolstering  local (and statewide) awareness and interest to drive attendance at Panthers games, curate gameday experience activities for fans at the stadium, execute community integration of the Panthers/USFL in the Michigan market with a focus on Detroit, and identifying statewide public relations and earned media efforts that prime the market and promote the Michigan.


We developed a strong go-to-market strategy and activation plan to promote the Michigan Panthers returning to Detroit to play at Ford Field ahead of the season and throughout. The Lambert team led all efforts surrounding marketing and promotions with visibility and alignment from USFL marketing team. 


  • Developed the fan experience and entertainment in the stadium concourse and on the field outside of football for both the Michigan Panthers and Philadelphia Stars games.
  • Developed and implemented a media relations plan that generated media and community awareness and promoted the Michigan Panthers.
  • Developed and implemented a community relations strategy that included local initiatives and programs that would generate community engagement, pride and ticket sales in key metros across Michigan specifically for the Michigan Panthers before the season begins.​

Results that matter.

  • 60+ events activated that reached over 170,000 fans.
  • 4.2B+ Media impressions online, radio, and television.
  • 6.7M Impressions for Big E appearances, including 32 local and national media appearances.
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