We thought Valentine’s Day would be the perfect time to share the influencers, reporters and products we are crushing on. The lovey-dovey holiday had us thinking about how and what we are consuming – both literally and figuratively.

While we may not be Cupid, we are shooting my arrow at the following:

Influencers Speaking Our Love Language

We all have our favorite influencers. We see them as almost another “Galentine” with endless amounts of product reviews, recommendations and ideas – of which we trust wholeheartedly. The following influencers are taking our breath away:

  • Kathleen Barnes – The perfect mix of fashion, lifestyle and keeping us updated on the latest Real Housewives drama
  • Coco Bassey – Coco gives us millennial realness while sharing her journey in NYC as a digital marketer
  • Katie Jane Hughes – This celebrity and editorial makeup artist feels like a BFF and will teach you how to create the perfect cat-eye
  • Chanel Miller – A passionate author and poet, Chanel’s page is likely to inspire your creativity

Reporters We Love

As PR practitioners, we interact with reporters all the time. Building a rapport via email, phone calls and texts takes time just like any other relationship. You must be genuine in your communication and share a common interest (likely their beat!) Our team is smitten with the following reporters and outlets:

Products That WILL Steal Your Girl

Part of our daily routine is to keep our fingers on the pulse of what is up-and-coming. We are always looking for challenger brands as well as keeping an eye on what leading brands are launching. The following excite us:

  • Coca-Cola Coffee – Two favorites wrapped up in one beautiful can… can we get an amen?
  • Camp Craft Cocktails – A women-owned brand that is building beautiful cocktails for anywhere, anytime
  • Go Nanas – Boy, do we love a women-owned business. This is NOT your mom’s banana bread