Lambert’s Automotive & Mobility team is excited to host its latest roundtable discussion. What’s Driving the EV Revolution  will be held on Wednesday, June 16th, at 1 p.m. ET, featuring:

  • Christie Schweinsberg; Senior Analyst, Electrification, Mobility – Wards Intelligence
  • Devin Lindsay; Principal Powertrain & Compliance Forecast Analyst – IHS Markit
  • Alisa Priddle; Detroit Editor – MotorTrend

We know you’re busy and that your time is precious. So here are three good reasons why you should attend this automotive & mobility roundtable!

  1. This is interesting, timely stuff. If you care about the auto industry and, you know, things like the future of transportation for humankind, it’s important to have a handle on a monster trend like we currently see with EVs. Our panel of experts will explore key questions and offer their insights as a critical mass of new models hits the market and automakers position themselves and their EVs.
  2. We have an awesome lineup. Hosted by Lambert Senior Director Brent Snavely, the panel includes Christie Schweinsberg, electrification analyst with Wards Intelligence; Devin Lindsay, powertrain analyst at IHS Markit; and Alisa Priddle, Detroit editor for MotorTrend. You can count on an engaging conversation with three of the top journalists and analysts covering the fast-changing automotive industry.
  3. And you can talk to them! Our virtual format includes an opportunity to submit questions through chat, or to jump right in and ask questions during the Q&A. When will American consumers will be ready to plug in on a mass scale? What role do fuel prices play in shaping consumer sentiment? Should we look at California’s zero-emission goals as a preview of what’s in store for the whole country? Your questions and input will help shape the content and direction of the roundtable discussion.

Don’t wait, take action now and avoid the dreaded FOMO: register today!


Our team looks forward to your attendance and participation. If you have any questions or would like more information about this event or Lambert’s Automotive & Mobility practice, please contact us today.