By Jeff Lambert, Founder & CEO

My name is Jeff, I’m the founder of this PR firm bearing my name, and I have white privilege. And in the wake of the murder of George Floyd and racist events of the last week, and last year, and decades before, I intend to do something with it. My response: take responsibility.

First, we stand with our black colleagues and clients and friends reliving their own experiences and fears through these events. We struggle with words to say, but know that Black Lives Matter and YOU matter to me. Yet, while empathy seemed sufficient for my conscience in the past, I believe I have been called to greater action.

So, we as Lambert & Co. and me, as the CEO, are initiating a series of actions that will include a campaign for black equality fueled by the efforts and resources of white leaders; convening diverse voices and initiating forums to elevate the perspectives and influence of the black community to educate and build relationships; pooling money from other CEOs willing to back black businesses and entrepreneurs and invest in non-profits dedicated to serving the black community and solving systemic black issues.

Lambert will stand for fighting racism and inequality from this day forward. I commit my access and network and resources and organization, and call on my white CEO friends and fellow leaders, in particular, to join me in no longer tolerating and vehemently confronting injustice in any form.

We pledge allegiance to liberty and justice for all.