Lambert Bracket Contest

Today’s matchups feature the final pairings of the first round in the Honorable Region. Round one pit Lambert’s president and managing partner Don Hunt against TiiCKER Analyst Gina Bosetti. Don is quite familiar with this type of tournament as a dedicated Tottenham and UEFA Champions League fan, while Gina hopes to bring the same tactics that brought fellow TiiCKER team member Chris Tromp to victory.

Don Hunt, President / Managing Partner

  • Why capital markets/IR? I was taught early on that the fundamental goal of investor relations is to lower the cost of capital for a company. It is a simple but powerful idea that I have found also applies to most other communication practices – effective storytelling should make it easier for any company (public or private) to attract talent, customers and other “capital”. For me, investor relations remains the purest execution of the concept.
  • Why Lambert? Agency life tends to always have variety, and after 20 years at Lambert, things are still never boring.
  • Career highlight/memory: Working with the MEDC and Michigan’s venture capital community on the early days of the Great Lakes Entrepreneur’s Quest.  It was great to see such a wide range of business plans from across the state go through the VC review process.
  • Fun fact: I still have the printing proofs from the first annual report I wrote – for Manatron, a NASDAQ software company.

Gina Bosetti, TiiCKER Analyst

  • Why capital markets/IR? No two days are ever the same and it’s a fun balance of art and science, emotions and logic!
  • Why Lambert? Their unique position within the industry.  The secret, underground parking garage also doesn’t hurt.
  • Career highlight/memory: Each time I’ve opened an email from CFA Institute congratulating me on passing the last exam.
  • Fun fact: I cannot read magazines front to back, only back to front.  I also started an alterations shop tailoring formal gowns as a side hustle after graduating.

The other Honorable Region matchups feature critical Lambert teammates. Senior director Brent Snavely joined the Lambert team after a 23-year career as a journalist, most recently as lead automotive writer at the Detroit Free Press, while sales director Karen Keller has rejoined our team after having previously worked on Lambert’s investor relations team, servicing clients mainly in the financial services and banking industries. Brent’s skills for attaining viewership and Karen’s sales and pitching expertise should make for a very interesting battle!

Brent Snavely, Senior Director

  • Why capital markets/IR? Business news and financial transactions don’t just move markets, they change lives. Understanding and communicating the meaning to shareholders, the media and the public matters.
  • Why Lambert? Here, we get to work with a wide range of dynamic companies from different industries. While we counsel them, we also learn from our clients every day.
  • Career highlight/memory: Covering Fiat Chrysler’s 8+ hour investor day and rollout of its five-year plan in 2014 when Sergio Marchionne was CEO.
  • Fun fact: I like to grill in the winter when it’s snowing.

Karen Keller, Sales Director

  •  Why capital markets/IR? The IR part didn’t fall into place until I started at Lambert.  Honestly, I didn’t even know what IR was.  However, I have always been very passionate about the equity markets and what drives companies’ profitability.
  • Why Lambert? I was introduced to Lambert through a former banking colleague. I like it here because of the people and the reputation of the firm. The ability to have a career that reaches people and companies globally, while being able to remain in a community I love, is very rewarding.
  • Career highlight/memory: Opening the Nasdaq with Mercantile Bank.
  • Fun fact: I am an inductee of Ferris State’s Athletic Hall of Fame for volleyball.