Enrollment season: it is the last thing on the minds of school leaders attempting to operate amid a pandemic, and yet, it is more important now than ever. This enrollment season, school leaders will be challenged with determining how to retain and recruit students when so much uncertainty still exists. The simple answer: communications.

If there is one thing school leaders have been reminded of over the past year it is that communicating with your audiences is vital to your success. The pandemic has heightened parents’ focus on their children’s education. Meanwhile, with mis-, dis- and mal-information at every turn, it has become increasingly difficult for families to know who they can trust.

With the vaccine roll-out underway, and many mindsets shifting toward “what’s next,” the role of communications will be even more critical. Through a consistent cadence of transparent communications, schools can demonstrate their impact and keep families engaged.

Based on our work with schools across the state of Michigan and beyond, we know many school leaders don’t have the time or resources they would like to dedicate to researching the latest communication trends and identifying new ways to reach families. For that reason, Lambert’s education team has created a School Enrollment Communications Playbook featuring our insights and recommendations for attracting more positive attention and interest for your school this enrollment season.

Download our School Enrollment Communications Playbook.

These best practices will help you adapt to the new communications landscape and provide you with innovative solutions as you shift your practices and thinking. We have also included specific examples to provide clarity and context as you navigate enrollment amid a pandemic.

With information changing daily, families will continue to require consistent, transparent communications. This enrollment season, maximize your visibility by developing a strategic communications plan—and feel free to contact our team for support getting started.