By Joe DiBenedetto

Parents have never had more choices for their children’s education than they do today. Whether it’s traditional public schools or public charter schools, brick-and-mortar or virtual, parents have myriad opportunities to select the learning model that best fits their child’s needs.

Though far from a new model, classical education is gaining popularity across the country. Rooted in the traditions of Western culture – hearkening back to the form of education that was at the center of most, if not all schools, just a generation or two ago.

On this episode of the Purposeful Pitch, Dr. Kathleen O’Toole, assistant provost of K-12 education at Hillsdale College and a former principal at Founders Classical Academy of Leander, joins me for a discussion on the rebirth of classical education. Dr. O’Toole and I discuss why more parents are seeking out the model—in some cases, going so far as to open their own schools through the Barney Charter School Initiative.

As part of the Barney Charter School Initiative, which was founded more than a decade ago, schools receive curriculum development and teacher training support from Hillsdale College. The Initiative includes more than 20 schools across the country founded by local residents committed to training the minds and improving the hearts of young people.

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