Baseball caps, beanies, fedoras, and more – hats come in all shapes and sizes. As I wrap up the remainder of my first year as a public relations associate at Lambert, I have become accustomed to keeping my closet full of different “hats” in this crazy world we call “agency life.”

Today’s world of public relations requires professionals to maintain a variety of skills. One minute you might be conducting an internal brainstorm to develop the next best idea for your client, while the next you’re posting an attention-grabbing tweet on social media. For each skill, you wear a different hat.

Now let’s move onto the fun part: closet inventory.

1. The almighty and ever classic top hat

This dapper hat is perfect for all client facing, professional settings. While you always want to look your best, you also want to portray your most professional attitude.

  • Client meetings and events
  • Professional development opportunities

2. The weekly work hustle baseball cap

We wear our ball caps when heading to work to get things done and knock out that lengthy to-do list.

  • Everyday tasks
  • Tackling client deliverables

3. The fun and creative beanie

When you need to hunker down and come up with something great – throw on the beanie.

  • Cap when you need to think outside the box
  • Creative brainstorms

Of course, since our closet is always expanding, these are only a few of the hats we wear as PR practitioners – and you never know when you need to go shopping!
Darby Wagner is an associate at Lambert