By Cassandra Morris and Mitchell Reid, Public Relations Interns

All professional careers have to start somewhere, and for most people, it begins with an internship. For a long time, the stereotypical idea of internships included menial tasks like coffee runs and making copies, which can be productive for the company but has little to do with maximizing the abilities and ambitions of rookies in the field. Instead, many modern and forward-thinking organizations have recently taken a different approach – developing the next generation of professionals through high-quality exposure to industry veterans and engaging interns in more complex work that builds on their existing knowledge of the field. Lambert, which brings on a handful of young aspiring professionals each year, is no exception to this trend. Let’s dive into the experiences of Lambert’s six public relations interns for Summer 2022.


Lambert has given me the best internship I’ve ever had

I’ve learned so much on the Investor Relations (IR) side of things, and my team does a great job of pushing me out of my comfort zone by giving me endless opportunities to prove myself time after time on new assignments and projects. They constantly make sure I know what I’m doing so that I excel in every aspect of my work. At the end of the day, the IR team just wants you to succeed.

For me, the most rewarding part of my internship was learning new knowledge and skills I can take into my career after college. Lambert is one of my favorite places to work, from the environment and culture to all of my colleagues. They make work fun!

Contributed by Macgregor A., Public Relations Intern, Lambert (Remote).


Lambert helped me feel confident as a young PR professional

My Lambert internship was my first experience in a fast-paced agency setting. It exposed me to so many kinds of clients and the hustle and bustle of agency life. My time here will stick with me and has taught me some really important skills, including time management, organization, and writing.

This summer, I worked on many skills I already had experience with from college while also learning how to interact with clients. Working with real clients is something you don’t really get exposed to in college courses, so it was exciting to actually have the opportunity to speak with clients and meet them face-to-face. I learned how to create client-facing materials and coordinated content with them to make sure we were meeting their expectations. It was really nice to know that the people at Lambert I was working with had enough confidence in me to allow me to chat with the clients and work closely with them.

Contributed by Alysa K., Public Relations Intern, Lambert (Detroit, MI).


Lambert has prepared me for the demands of a career in PR

Lambert has helped me familiarize myself with media influencers and publications in the automotive and mobility space. My internship project was to produce a weekly news digest/report to keep my colleagues informed on the latest industry news. Over the last few months, I’ve learned the layout of the automotive and mobility media landscape and grown familiar with many of the names in areas like consumer reviews, EVs/charging, and air mobility.

Writing spotlight posts and blogs helped expand my writing capabilities. I’m an analytical thinker and writer, but PR products must have a humanizing quality that’s richer and more personal but not exaggerated. I believe my writing has a warmer tone than before the internship. Further, I’ve observed the conventions for communications products and what it means to write for impact. I’ve learned that keeping a journalist’s attention is the chief factor for being persuasive in media relations. This knowledge will strengthen my ability to effectively communicate with targeted audiences.

Contributed by Lucas M., Public Relations Intern, Lambert (Detroit, MI).


I know I will be a better PR pro as a result of being a summer intern at Lambert

My internship with Lambert has been unlike any other in the most rewarding ways. I have gained an array of knowledge about the field of public relations and what agency life is all about. I was given projects that challenged me and pushed me to be a better public relations professional. Recalling one specific assignment, I was asked to draft a monthly blog post for a healthcare organization. Previously, I was not highly skilled in blog post writing, but the thing about Lambert is that there is always help available. They have all different types of resources that I was able to utilize, from previous blog posts and writing labs to sitting down with mentors for guidance and tips. At every turn, there is someone or something that motivates you and pushes for your success.

From my experiences, I have improved my writing (especially blog post-style writing), media relations, database research, and social media skills. Lambert has shown me how to embrace company culture and build connections. I am beyond excited to utilize my new knowledge and skills in the professional world.

Contributed by Cassandra M., Public Relations Intern, Lambert (Grand Rapids, MI).


Lambert provided guidance in areas where I was looking for growth

Lambert does a great job providing a significant role for its interns. Since day one, I felt like my work mattered. This, more than any experience prior, helped me figure out how I operate best in a professional setting and how I can balance the different kinds of day-to-day tasks in a PR position. The constant support of the Lambert team gave me the ability to grow new and valuable skills and expand on the ones I was confident with.

The most rewarding experience I had at Lambert this summer came from the work I was able to produce for our school and nonprofit clients. I was able to converse with artists, teachers, and other dedicated community members and eventually write about the rich, thoughtful stories they had shared. It was amazing to help spread the word for organizations that have such an important impact in the community, all the while providing me with great exposure to hands-on work and giving shape to my overall PR capabilities.

Contributed by Mitchell R., Public Relations Intern, Lambert (Grand Rapids, MI).


Lambert has taught me new skills that I will take with me into my PR journey

My internship with Lambert this summer was my first ever PR internship. I’ve experienced what it is like to work for clients in many different industries, what day-to-day office life is like in an agency, and had the opportunity to network with PR professionals in Phoenix as well as around the country.

The most rewarding part about interning with Lambert this summer was being able to work with so many clients. In total, I completed unique projects for almost 20 different clients in food and beverage, sustainability and energy, automotive and mobility, and many more! Encountering this variety of clients and industries in such a short time was a huge opportunity.

Contributed by Madeleine W., Public Relations Intern, Lambert (Phoenix, AZ).


The thought leaders, storytellers, and professional role models that make up the Lambert team have treated these internship roles more as perpetual relationships rather than temporary assistance. From Detroit to Grand Rapids to Phoenix to remote work, Lambert provides young professionals with endless opportunities for growth.

Two of the interns were not ready to part ways with Lambert when summer ended. Cassandra Morris extended her internship while she completes her final semester at Grand Valley State University, and Mitchell Reid has been onboarded as a full-time associate position in the Grand Rapids office. As all six interns continue to move forward in their respective careers, the impact of this experience will be advantageous and forever appreciated.

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