Katelyn Davis, Director

High stakes pitch meetings aren’t just for prime-time Shark Tank views or for laughs on HBO’s Silicon Valley. Pitching your company to investors is a rite of passage for all startup entrepreneurs and it could, quite possibly, be your make it or break it moment.

Investors want to understand the value proposition and the possible return on their investment. Being able to articulate your company’s mission as well as the product and its use case is vital. Staying calm, clear, informed and descriptive will allow you to paint a compelling picture of your company and why it is worth investing in.

However, this type of storytelling takes time and practice. It shouldn’t be an afterthought but rather a key ingredient to the success of your mobility technology.

On this episode of Mobility: Decoding the Secret Sauce, we talk with Chris Thomas, Co-Founder and Partner at Assembly Ventures—a venture capital firm focused on investing in entrepreneurs and mobility companies and drawing synergies between the mobility startup ecosystems in the United States and Berlin. Chris joins us to talk about the role of strong communication strategies for entrepreneurs and startups seeking funding, especially in the highly competitive mobility industry.

Chris is no stranger to the mobility space. Not only did he start an investment firm with Bill Ford, of Ford Motor Company, he’s spent the last few years working to grow the talent and mobility ecosystem in the Motor City through the Detroit Mobility Lab and the Michigan Mobility Institute. He even worked to develop the first Masters of Mobility degree.

Over his career, Chris has seen his fair share of startup pitches—the good, the bad, and the average. Listen as he shares what he believes is the secret to successfully pitching in the mobility industry.

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