By Katelyn Davis, Director

Changing the car-centric mindset and habits of daily commuters isn’t easy—especially in a city nicknamed the Motor City.

On this episode of Mobility: Decoding the Secret Sauce, we talk to Kevin Bopp, Vice President of Parking and Mobility for Bedrock. Bedrock, a commercial real estate firm based in downtown Detroit, specializes in the development of urban cores. With a portfolio of more than 100 properties totaling over 18 million square feet, Bedrock is the largest real estate partner in downtown Detroit and also has a strong presence in Cleveland.

Kevin joins us to talk about their approach to getting employees and tenants to rethink their daily commutes and what that means for the company’s bottom line. Ultimately, the answer is about reducing the need for parking accommodations in a bustling downtown. And yet, it’s also much more than that. He talks about how changing habits takes time and education and how he focuses on making commute options personal and relevant for each individual to make sure they can find what works best for them.

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