The success of mobility—whether it is AVs, EVs, aerial vehicles, public transit, or last-mile solutions—will truly lie in public perception and public acceptance. Without trust and high adoption rates, even the best mobility platforms and technologies will fail to reach their full potential.

The secret sauce to success in the mobility industry is this: strategic marketing and communications will drive perception and acceptance. Companies are often preoccupied with developing the tech, testing their product, and racing to be the first to market that they often neglect marcomms all together. Other times a marcomms strategy is an afterthought, added to turn around a struggling go-to-market strategy before it’s too late.

To facilitate this conversation around the importance of marcomms to mobility, Lambert & Co. is hosting a podcast series called Mobility: Decoding the Secret Sauce. This series will include conversations with industry stakeholders to learn more about what is being done to tackle perception and acceptance and what marketing and communications tactics have proven to be successful. It will also examine the importance of collective industry communications and education initiatives and how these could drive a higher rate of acceptance in the marketplace in a shorter period of time.

Mobility: Decoding the Secret Sauce is hosted by Lambert’s Katelyn Davis and features conversations with Carla Bailo, President & CEO of Center for Automotive Research; Michigan State Senator Mallory McMorrow; Ed Niedermeyer, Communications Director at Partners for Automated Vehicle Education; Chris Thomas, Co-Founder and Partner, Assembly Ventures; and more. Join us as we go on a journey to uncover the “secret sauce” of mobility: strategic communications and marketing based in education and trust-building.

The first season premieres this month. Listen and subscribe on major podcast platforms including Spotify, Apple, and Stitcher.

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