By Jessica Price, Senior Associate 

As we all know too well, much of the world is on pause due to the COVID-19 pandemic. During this time, marketing and communications professionals are left empty-handed wondering how their automotive and mobility companies can continue to move their strategy forward.

As the world races to slow the pandemic’s grip, the automotive industry has experienced a dramatic reduction in operations. The disruption quickly spread to industry events, with nearly all spring and early summer events being postponed or canceled. This shift will require automotive communicators to adjust their efforts during these times.

At Lambert, we help our clients navigate the future of transportation, even through the unprecedented. Here are our top tips on how you can adjust your communications strategy to continue moving forward.

  1. Consider different routes to “host” the event. There are a variety of ways you can utilize the time and effort spent planning. You can provide value by virtually hosting the event or repurposing your content into a webinar or blog. Don’t be afraid to take the lead and set up focus groups with other industry leaders to gather feedback on prior events to plan for the future.
  2. Refine your awards calendar. This is the perfect time to polish award opportunities and set your organization up for success. Organize old submission documents and strategize for future nominations in the years to come. Think 24 months out, rather than the present.
  3. Revisit your 2020 strategy. As times have changed, it is likely your communications strategy has shifted to new priorities. Take a moment to read Lambert’s best ways to refine your automotive marcom strategy blog. Equip your company with the right tools and resources to drive results when normal activities resume.
  4. Hone your brand’s voice. How has this global crisis impacted your company’s vision and messaging? What tone do you want to set moving forward? Use any additional time you may have to nail down what your organization represents and find your place in the future of mobility.
  5. Enhance employee communications. Your team is looking for you to provide factual, transparent information. Be their point-person with frequent updates and find unique ways to engage internally.
  6. Continue storytelling. Events are canceled, brand journalism is not. Be the company your clients and customers trust. Find new avenues to tell impactful stories and focus on making a difference during these difficult times.

Around the world, our automotive and mobility clients are changing the future of transportation. While much is unknown, now is a crucial time to take the wheel with what can be controlled.

Lambert’s gears are always turning to provide transformative PR, IR and marketing strategies to clients across the mobility landscape—especially during this time of crisis.