Swipe Right: How media pitches and dating app profiles take the same approachIn the public relations industry, the most successful media pitches catch the eye of the reporter through the sea of emails flooding their inbox—just like your dating profile apps like Tinder and Bumble need to for the best match. The most enticing profiles are those that lure people in to mutually ‘swipe right’ and start a conversation.

Though media pitching and an online dating profile are targeting different audiences, the approach is similar. When developing a pitch or bio, there are three key tools in ensuring success in both areas- incorporating an attention-grabbing introduction, enticing visuals, and tone of voice.

These methods are tried and true-considering I’ve been in a successful relationship from a dating app for two years, and garnering local and national media hits across industries since starting with Lambert in 2016.

Disclaimer: I am no love guru, just a millennial with a public relations and new media studies degree.

Get Whitty With It

A reporter’s inbox is full of pitches and a dating app has virtually unlimited swipes, so you have to set yourself above the rest. An enticing introduction is a major key to ensuring someone looks at your pitch or profile for more than the .2 seconds it takes for the information to register in their brain. Answer the ‘why’ they should swipe right or write the story.

When media pitching, lead with what statistics you have available. Including revenue increase, job increase, or lengthy years of production gives reporters a newsworthy angle to work with. If you don’t have statistics, make a unique connection that gives a timely or niche-focus specific to that journalist or outlet. For online dating, putting your job title or university adds you in a pool of the millions of others who have a job or went to college…basically everyone with a smartphone falls under one if not both of those categories. Ask a fun question or tell an interesting fact about yourself- two statements that urge a response.

Visuals. Visuals. Visuals.

What better way to interest a reporter (or potential suitor) in your client’s product launch than a photo of the product? Visuals are essential in grabbing attention and luring the reporter in to act on your pitch. Even more so, if they choose to write a story, they already have the visual elements needed.

While looks are not the most important aspect to dating, they are a necessary component in online dating. Someone with poor quality or no photos will more than likely be passed by for someone who has provided the visual elements necessary for the person on the other side of the screen to be interested. Three to five versatile photos are sufficient in having a complete profile.

What do pitches and dating profiles have in common most? The fact that you are essentially judging a book by its cover (See, our teachers and parents were wrong. Sometimes judge a book by its cover).

H2:Be on-brand

Whether it’s your personal brand or a client’s – each brand has its own voice and style. When pitching, be sure to write in the way that reflects the organization. Whether they are a fun-seeking creative company, or a conservative organization, their tone will be unique to them. Portraying that in your pitch will help introduce the feel of the news you are sharing.

For your online dating profile, show your personality right off the bat by writing something creative in your bio. If you’re a light-hearted, funny person, write your favorite cheesy pickup line. Love exploring and travel? Ask what their top-five vacation spots are to get a conversation going.

With an attention-grabbing introduction, visual aid, and on-brand information, you’ll be sure to see positive results from your efforts- whether that means finding success on a dating app or scoring a media opportunity for your client. ‘Swipe right’ on these tips and see for yourself.
Angela Meriedeth is an associate at Lambert