By: Caroline Luz

LinkedIn. Facebook. TikTok. Instagram. X. Threads. So many opportunities to showcase your brand.

There’s a good chance you’re using at least one of these social media platforms for your own personal use. But, by definition, PE is “private,” so does your firm really NEED to be on social media?

It’s 2024 – the answer is yes. Increasing your firm’s social media presence is the fastest and most effective way to reach M&A intermediaries and increase brand recognition to support deal flow, fundraising, and other firm initiatives. Conversely, your social media absence can define your firm’s reputation in unintended negative ways: you’re behind the times, technologically challenged, stodgy.

It’s 2024 – the answer is no. What you don’t want is to fall into a social media rabbit hole where you’re oversharing – on multiple platforms – in an attempt to continuously provide fresh material. So before you jump in and start posting, be strategic: the goal is to provide “newsworthy” updates about your firm and your portfolio companies while ensuring a reasonable pace.

Most PE firms can limit their social engagement to LinkedIn, which makes using social media more manageable.  While some PE firms do maintain a presence on X (the former Twitter), engagement tends to be limited and doesn’t really reach target audiences. And unless you are a brand that relies on consumer traction, you can dispense with other channels.

LinkedIn posts are an efficient way to provide firm updates like transactions and new hires in brief, easily digestible snippets. Even when you’re in fundraising, LinkedIn offers an opportunity to disclose factual information to large numbers of people (amplified by followers “liking” or reposting what they see) as long as it falls within the scope of “regular course of business.” In addition, you can repost outside content, giving you a platform for thought leadership on issues of importance to your firm.

Also think of LinkedIn as a recruiting tool. It’s a place to feature photos of firm or portfolio company events, post job openings, or highlight a cause your firm champions. Job seekers want to know what it’s like to work at your firm, and LinkedIn can give them a window into your culture.

Remember that you can only reap the benefits of social media if you maintain a regular cadence.

Posting at least twice a month is a good goal that keeps your account looking active. If transaction news won’t fill your posts, Lambert can help you think outside of the box to develop creative content.

We work with our clients to support their online social efforts in any capacity needed – from strategic planning to content creation. Ask us how we can help you initiate a meaningful social media presence.