Lambert was charged by Green Giant Fresh to support the national launch of Veggie Bowls – a new plant-based microwaveable meal bowl line found within the increasingly competitive produce section of the grocery store. Bowls are offered in a variety of regionally inspired flavors and include healthy swaps for traditionally calorie-heavy dishes. Key to a successful product introduction was building and maintaining relationships with the brand’s retail customers, measured by store traffic and, ultimately, sales.

Strategy and Tactics:

To drive immediate turns at shelf, Lambert implemented a geo-targeted social media campaign with a leading Midwest retail chain. At the program’s onset, Lambert worked to:

  • Conduct a multimedia shoot to capture strong photo and video assets
  • Analyze past sales data to inform target DMA markets for the campaign
  • Collaborate with the retailer to secure approved copy and store logos

A variety of compelling ad creative educated consumers about the Veggie Bowls line, offered a variety of recipes and showed the bowls in practical lifestyle settings. Most important, each ad included a direct call-to-action to visit the product locator page on the Green Giant Fresh website or the store locator on the retailer’s website.

Results that matter.

Store-specific ads ran for three weeks and were targeted to residents who live nearby the top 25% selling stores for Green Giant Fresh. Outcomes included:

  • Priority stores reported an overall 26.3% increase in unit sales during the campaign
  • Sales remained higher after the program. Certain bowl varieties observed a lift of 1.1 units per store per week
  • In three weeks, more than 4,000 consumers showed intent to purchase by clicking through to the retailer’s Store Locator to find the Veggie Bowls
  • More than 700,000 impressions from organic and paid social content

Following the initial retail ad campaign, Lambert has been tasked with running similar ads with three additional Green Giant Fresh retailers.

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