Community Bank System, Inc. aimed to broaden its investor base and reinforce investor relationships in line with its evolved strategic focus.


Lambert engaged with Community Bank System’s executive team to craft a targeted investor outreach program, aligning with the bank’s growth strategy and risk profile.


  • Investor Outreach Plan & Toolkit: Established a comprehensive outreach schedule and cultivated effective buyside and sellside relationship management.
  • Elevated Engagement: Recorded substantial growth in active investor engagement, reflecting the efficacy of the outreach.
  • Cohesive Outreach: Achieved consistent communication with potential investors, endorsing the bank’s strategic direction.
  • Strengthened Investor Relations: The strategic outreach initiatives enhanced investor relations and trust in the bank’s financial narrative.


Community Bank System, Inc. fortified its position with a broadened and engaged investor base, signaling a successful pivot towards a strategic and transparent communication of its growth and financial prospects.

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