Bell was down-selected to compete for the U.S. Army’s Future Long Range Assault Aircraft modernization project, competing against Lockheed Martin and Boeing – the world’s two largest defense companies. Bell needed to build confidence in its brand as well as tiltrotor technology which remained in question by opinion leaders at the onset of the campaign.


Bell and Lambert developed an integrated marketing strategy that leveraged content marketing and brand journalism with innovative paid media tactics to take defense customers and opinion leaders on a journey that reinforced the need for modernization, built confidence in the company, and shaped the need for the unique Bell tiltrotor technology.


  • Developed a long-term (24 month) integrated marketing strategy that enabled both consistency of strategy and agility in tactical execution.
  • Developed a captivating “story-telling” story arc that delivered exactly the right message, at the right time, to the right audience.
  • Produced a “Master Aviator” panel and video that demonstrated confidence in the company and the new aircraft by highly-respected former Army leaders.
  • Reinforced successful media engagements and news coverage with highly-targeted paid media to reinforce key messaging.

Results that matter.

  • Bell won the contract and will build 2000+ next-gen aircraft at a lifetime value of $100B.
  • 120+ brand journalism videos were produced, generating 3.4M video views.
  • 116,225,631 impressions in the Targeted Defense Opinion-Leader Community.
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