We’re excited to welcome Mike Houston, Lambert Managing Director and COO of TiiCKER, to this episode of Capital Markets Cocktails. Over a whiskey and coke, we discuss the importance of individual investors and learn how TiiCKER reinvents how individual investors are rewarded for brand loyalty by creating a new, high-affinity audience to the product marketing mix: shareholders.

TiiCKER is an online community that brings together individual investors with the brands they know and love by offering shareholder perks and discounts on those brands. TiiCKER enables investors to discover how their love for a brand can unlock a compelling new way of investing and being rewarded for those investments.

With TiiCKER, publicly traded companies gain new access to the high-potential demographic hidden in their retail shareholder base and can engage, verify and reward individual investors through integrated content, stock perks and zero-commission trading.

Please visit www.TiiCKER.com to learn more.