We are delighted to bring you our most recent episode of Capital Markets Cocktails, where we will be chatting with Lambert’s sister company, EQUALSIGN, a diversity, equity and inclusion consultancy focused on diverse board development for public companies and private equity firms; environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) consulting and strategic audience engagement; as well as marketing and communications to multicultural demographics. We will be speaking with EQUALSIGN Managing Partner Candice Bowman about the proposed changes to listing requirements by Nasdaq in an effort to enhance board diversity among Nasdaq listed companies, as referenced in our previous blog post.

While those of us in the investor community understand the need and desire for greater diversity among senior leadership and boards, for the first time Nasdaq has begun putting some force behind the desire.  Throughout the episode, we look to Candice for perspectives on these efforts as well as approaches that firms might use to enhance diversity at the board and senior leadership levels and begin to shift their culture to include the concepts of diversity, equity and inclusion.

And with this discussion on diversity, how appropriate that our cocktail selection renders itself inclusive as well, as Candice has chosen red wine as today’s “cocktail” of sorts… Our resident sommelier Jeff Tryka was surely pleased!                  


  • Buy desired red wine.
  • Uncork bottle.
  • Pour into wine glass.
  • Swirl and sniff.
  • Drink!

Watch the latest episode here.