Firm Overview

We Deliver Big Ideas to Maximize Bottom-Line Outcomes

We are the public relations firm that can read an income statement®

Our experience is diverse, but we are grounded in a commitment to creative thinking that drives outcomes that matter.We approach our work from the perspective of our customer, putting their metrics at the forefront. We make sure we understand their objectives and then deliver plans and programs that are measurable and meaningful.

We are collaborative by nature, so we seek to understand the issues that you face and the various audiences you serve – investors, consumers, retailers, policy-makers, etc. We are flexible and run projects with focused teams that integrate with your business to become a seamless extension of your operation.

As a strategic partner, we craft digital-first messages, programs, experiences and images that resonate in today’s business environment.

We’re in your market, wherever that may be.

Lambert’s partnership in PROI Worldwide provides the opportunity for local market support throughout the United States and internationally in 60 countries. PROI is the world’s largest public relations partnership of independents. It is represented in more than 100 cities in 60 countries, with leading independent PR partner companies and more than 3,200 experienced practitioners servicing 4,400+ clients worldwide.

Wins Matter