Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Championing Unified Futures for All

At Lambert, we value the diverse voices and experiences of our colleagues, friends and clients. We are committed to initiating change and aim to foster an inclusive, anti-racist and empathic workforce. Allyship is a Core Value, and we are committed to become strong allies through our words, our actions and our culture.


For our team members, clients and communities experience our allyship and benefit from our differences.

Our Commitment

To do the difficult work to create a more inclusive workplace and world by educating people, encouraging self-reflection, and getting uncomfortable confronting racism and injustice. We will create and sustain change by learning and growing as individuals and as an organization and approaching every day with intention, purpose and sincerity.

Stepping Stones
  • Posture for Learning
  • Understanding Unconscious Privilege
  • Allyship Attitude
  • Catalysts for Change
  • Attract Others by Our Actions