We focus on big ideas and bottom-line outcomes

Harnessing the power of the ever-changing Converged Media landscape.

We are collaborative.

We immerse ourselves in our clients’ industries and speak your language. We come to understand the issues and trends that you face and the various audiences you serve – consumers, retailers, stakeholders, franchisees, etc. We are flexible and run projects with small, focused teams that work with you, or large, robust teams who integrate with your business to become a seamless element of your operations.

We see the big picture.

No product or service exists in a vacuum – neither do we isolate communications from the overall brand experience. We deeply engage with each client to better understand the big picture so we can have a cohesive plan that both fits and builds upon your business’ overall strategy.

We measure results.

Lambert approaches a project from the needs of the customer, putting their metrics and business goals at the forefront to drive the opportunities we create. We make sure we understand your objectives and then deliver strategy-based public relations plans and programs that are measurable to your goals.

We believe that a solid public relations practice boils down to adding value to every client each and every day.

The Lambert Difference

We deliver strategy-based public relations and investor relations plans and programs that are measurable to your goals and relevant to your audiences.

  • We immerse ourselves in your industry and speak your language
  • We understand the issues and trends you face
  • We understand your business objectives