Salim Bourget

Creative Director, Digital Marketing

Salim Bourget serves as Lambert’s creative director of digital marketing and joined the team in 2016. His background combines marketing, advertising, e-commerce and digital expertise allowing him to develop and deliver integrated marketing campaigns. At Lambert, Salim works with clients to understand objectives, recommend solutions and integrate digital initiatives into overall communication objectives. His recommendations are driven by data and evidence, with measurement and analytics serving as key tools and performances indicators.

Salim has led the strategy, development and execution of digital marketing campaigns for a variety of industries, including tourism, non-profit, agricultural, energy, transportation, construction, healthcare, packaging, furniture, software and industrial equipment markets. He is a passionate advocate for the end user in converging business and consumer needs, while considering what is in the best interest of the company/brand first and setting the strategy from there.

Salim received his bachelor’s degree in digital multimedia technology from Andrews University.

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