Maria DeGroot

Social Media Strategist

As an only child, Maria got really good at figuring out how to play board games with herself. Since then, she further developed her curiosity and innovative eye with a degree in Journalism and Mass Communications from the Walter Cronkite School at Arizona State University. Ultimately, that lead her toward social media strategy, where she’s become an expert in grabbing an audience’s attention with creative online content and engagement. Now, Maria brings her talents and passion to Lambert as a social media strategist.

Over the course of her career, Maria has excelled at managing online communities while developing, deploying, and analyzing strategic brand content designed to inspire and engage audiences. While leading the social media strategy at Fingerpaint Marketing Phoenix with the Public Relations and Advertising teams, she executed innovative social media digital campaigns. During that time, Maria not only expanded her social and digital advertising capabilities, she also helped lead multiplatform campaigns for a list of diverse clients, including those in aerospace, real estate, nonprofit, pharmaceuticals and entertainment. As the leader of the social media team at Liquidity Services, her ability to collaborate on cross-functional projects motivated her team to achieve and exceed its goals in content creation and curation, maintenance, strategy, and metrics analysis, for a variety of industries falling under their umbrella of eCommerce platforms.