Heather Lombardini

President & Managing Partner - Public Affairs Division

Heather is president and managing partner of Lambert’s Lansing, Mich.-based political consulting arm. She leads a team focused on issue advocacy, campaign strategy, donor relations and PAC solicitation. Her immense knowledge of political fundraising strategies and her relationships with legislators and business leaders throughout the state have fueled Sterling’s growth, campaign wins and state fundraising records. Heather’s leadership and expansive network allowed the company to outraise all other state capitol caucuses in the most recent midterm elections and maintain a GOP majority for the Michigan Senate. Her work also extends to national consulting and fundraising for issues and coalitions ranging from energy and environmental causes to Chamber and business advocacy, automotive and technology initiatives and education and non-profit issue management.

Before coming to Lambert, Heather worked for the Michigan Senate Republicans as well as the Michigan House Republicans where she served in staff leadership as Legislative Director for a former Speaker, and as Member Finance Director. Among Heather’s proudest achievements include helping maintain a Republican majority in the state House, as well as her legislative work on the Detroit water and sewage system and the Merit Scholarship Award. Heather has been a GOP volunteer and an elected Precinct Delegate for most of her adult life. She serves as a volunteer for the American Red Cross, and also does extensive pro-bono work for conservative political candidates and non-profit organizations.

Heather received her bachelor’s degree from Aquinas College, earning a double major in political science and communications and a minor in biology. She also holds a master’s degree in public administration from Western Michigan University.