Public Affairs & Fundraising

Relentlessly Committed to Success

Our premier political advocacy team specializes in high-level strategy, public policy initiatives, coalition development and grassroots/grasstops advocacy.

Our clients’ success is not our goal – it’s the outcome.

Lambert specializes in comprehensive political campaign management, issue advocacy, ballot initiatives, fundraising, and coalition development for corporations, trade associations, non-profits, and political candidates and committees all across the nation. We utilize our extensive knowledge of the state, regional and national political landscapes to mobilize our clients’ targets – whether that means voters, donors, consumers, community leaders, or public officials – to influence policy and win campaigns.

Our smart, relentless approach blends aggressive campaign-oriented tactics, targeted top-notch messaging, unique understanding of voter attitudes and strong relationships with government decision makers, political leaders, donors, and key influencers to produce victories for our clients.

Public Affairs

We plan and skillfully execute issue campaigns for corporations, trade associations, issue groups, and non-profits. Our track record reflects a unique ability to synthesize digital and social media, strategic communications, grasstop engagement, grassroots coalition building, and advocacy advertising. We don’t just identify influencers and decision-makers, we know them. Lambert crafts and delivers impactful messaging and our clients to win..

Campaigns & Ballot Initiatives

Lambert plans your victory and implements all interaction with voters using cutting-edge research and analytics to hone your message so you control the debate. We help you navigate the legal and regulatory maze of ballot access and compliance. Our team is continually guiding you to ensure your actions are focused, efficient and effective.

Digital & Social Media

We are driven by data and its ability to inform our decision making and program optimization. Our digital team can put together and execute smart and effective digital plans for campaigns, businesses and associations of all sizes.


Our team knows how to raise money. Period. We’ve raised hundreds of millions of dollars for political candidates, ballot campaigns, PACs, and causes. We know who the donors are and we know how to reach them. What’s more, we know how to motivate them to give.

Issue & Crisis Management

Issues develop. Events occur. Crises arise. We’re ready when you decide to engage – or when you’re forced to react. Lambert helps achieve your goals, advance your agenda, or protect your reputation.