Practice Areas

We drive results for clients ranging from global brands to emerging market leaders

Aerospace & Defense

At Lambert, our commitment to supporting companies in the aerospace & defense industry is part of our core values. We provide strategy, communications, content, and connections for clients who support the military, from ground vehicles to next-gen aircraft and suppliers that link them. Our work with Bell on the Army Future Long Range Assault Aircraft program, where we helped the V280 Valor tiltrotor win the competition, is a shining example of our success in this field. Our partnership with a former assistant secretary of defense also gives us and our clients valuable knowledge and access to the right influencers at the right time.

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Advanced Air Mobility

The future of transportation, especially air travel, is changing rapidly with carbon-free, fast, quiet and reliable options. Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) is growing quickly, which poses new challenges for aviation companies, suppliers, infrastructure engineers, governments, and utilities. Lambert works with AAM-supporting companies as a strategist, communicator, marketer and storyteller. Click here for an AAM white paper, an example of our work.

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Automotive & Mobility

Automotive is part of our DNA. In fact, our headquarters is a former 1930s auto repair shop. Our team has worked up and down the supply chain – from OEMs to suppliers to data providers.

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Consumer Brands

The world in which our CPG clients operate is one with heavily blurred lines among PR, marketing and social media. Lambert’s integrated model allows us to “bolt on” as an extension of your team to effectively manage the content machine that keeps your brand relevant in a saturated media world.

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Crisis & Reputation Management

The Lambert Crisis & Reputation Management team is led by national reputation experts and former award-winning journalist who understand the operational threats and communication realities facing companies, organizations, and individuals.

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Education & Social Impact

Since our inception, Lambert has been a leading provider of integrated communications support to organizations at the heart of communities across the country – from schools and universities to nonprofits and government agencies. Our work is fueled by our passion to make a difference in the communities in which we live and serve.

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Financial & Business Services

The Lambert team is a leader in the PE and M&A verticals – composed of senior-level communications counselors offering strong relationships with major business, M&A, real estate, and investment related press. We understand complex business situations and can help our clients strategize behind the scenes, often working with advisors and negotiating stories with key journalists on or off the record.

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Consumer Public Relations

Food & Beverage

As a top-20 food and beverage marketing firm and our expertise span new product introductions, new market entries, experiential events, cause marketing, celebrity endorsements and everything in between. Our team is made up of equal parts PR, social, digital and paid programming.

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Healthcare & Biotech

We believe the key to healthcare communication is a unique balance of preparation and flexibility. Our healthcare team understands the many pressures and variables at play for today’s integrated delivery system, today’s payor and today’s physician group.

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Investor Relations

Our roster includes former sell-side analysts and portfolio managers who apply this perspective to help our clients better meet the needs of the Street. From multi-billion dollar mergers and complex Fortune 500 communications programs to small-cap positioning and exchange listings, our client experience includes bringing the right mix of corporate/financial communications tools to bear on assignments large and small.

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Public Affairs & Fundraising

Lambert delivers the right message in the right way at the right time. We approach every campaign with clear objectives and a relentless drive to deliver results. We immerse ourselves in your strategy to develop and execute key messaging and outreach tactics. We know you can’t afford to lose – and you won’t.

Tourism & Hospitality

Lambert’s team of experts has over two decades worth of experience in tourism and hospitality public relations. We use a series of modern marketing and media relations strategies to drive awareness and traffic toward your brand. We use storytelling to help curate an inspiring view of your world aimed to attract and engage visitors near and far.

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