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CES is Back: As The World’s Leading Auto, Aviation and Mobility Show

CES 2023 is a wrap and the headline is, “CES IS BACK.” The crowds were there, the cool gadgets were there, and all the energy of pre-pandemic CES was in full swing. More than 115,000 registrants, 3,200 exhibitors and 2,000+ media spent the week burning the soles off their shoes and blowing past their wearables’ step goals.


Celebrating Kwanzaa and Honoring the Past, Present and Future

Habari Gani? This Swahili phrase for “What’s the news?” is the daily greeting used during the seven days of Kwanzaa – a weeklong celebration, from December 26 to January 1, of African American and Pan-African culture, community and heritage. My family has always stressed the importance of celebrating Kwanzaa as an annual family tradition. Whether we gathered around the black, red and green themed table, attended a community celebration, or shared our Kwanzaa celebrations with my fellow elementary school classmates, this time of year is always dedicated to honoring our ancestors while celebrating the present and sharing hopes for the future.


More Than an Internship: Reflections from Next Generation PR Pros

For a long time, the stereotypical idea of internships included menial tasks like coffee runs and making copies, which can be productive for the company but has little to do with maximizing the abilities and ambitions of rookies in the field. Instead, many modern and forward-thinking organizations have recently taken a different approach – developing the next generation of professionals through high-quality exposure to industry veterans and engaging interns in more complex work that builds on their existing knowledge of the field. Lambert is no exception to this trend. Let’s dive into the experiences of Lambert’s six public relations interns for Summer 2022.


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In Defense of Grammar

The Importance of Civility & Respectful Discourse at School Board Meetings

You Went Public Via SPAC. Now What?

Still Considering an IPO via SPAC? 5 Items to Consider.