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More Than an Internship: Reflections from Next Generation PR Pros

For a long time, the stereotypical idea of internships included menial tasks like coffee runs and making copies, which can be productive for the company but has little to do with maximizing the abilities and ambitions of rookies in the field. Instead, many modern and forward-thinking organizations have recently taken a different approach – developing the next generation of professionals through high-quality exposure to industry veterans and engaging interns in more complex work that builds on their existing knowledge of the field. Lambert is no exception to this trend. Let’s dive into the experiences of Lambert’s six public relations interns for Summer 2022.


Healthy Aging Also Means Healthy Spending: Marketing to the Largest U.S. Population Segment

Baby boomers in the U.S. represent approximately one-quarter of the country's population and control 70% of disposable income. However, only 15% of brands have a strategy to reach this market. But what is the best way to engage with this demographic? What traits, behaviors and triggers compel Americans 55 and older to engage with a brand? If you have a product or service and want to engage with this demographic, do your research first.


The Detroit Auto Show Isn’t What It Used To Be – And Maybe That’s Okay

I live and breathe all things automotive, and have since my childhood. It was easy to access, growing up in Southeast Michigan, the seat of the automotive industry. A highlight of each year was my dad’s and my annual January pilgrimage to the North American International Auto Show (NAIAS). Despite the bitter cold and often horrendous stormy weather, my father and I would brave the icy roads to catch the latest reveals and marvel at the extravagant automaker displays.


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