Case Study

Taking Industry 4.0 Technologies on the Road


Developments within the manufacturing and technology industries are changing the way we work and live. From the utilization of cloud-based systems to 3D printing, to additive manufacturing and augmented reality, the fourth industrial revolution of manufacturing is no longer a vision for the future, but a present-day reality. As an industry leader, Atlas Copco specializes in sustainable productivity solutions to help manufacturers become more advanced and data-driven.

Atlas Copco tapped Lambert for media relations and on-site event support for the launch of its mobile technology trailer open house. Slated to travel the nation to showcase its products, the 53-foot Smart Connected Assembly trailer provided customers and potential clients with 1,000 square feet of hands-on experiences with state-of-the-art technologies for their manufacturing floor.

As a leading Industry 4.0 tools and production company, Atlas Copco’s next generation of tools were developed to improve productivity, provide wireless freedom and support zero-fault production while reducing defects, scrap and rework.