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Insights to accelerate your strategy and impact your bottom line.

Very often the toughest question we ask our clients is the very first one:


“What do you want to achieve?”


It seems simple on the surface. Every business wants more sales, more profit, the phone ringing regularly and free ice cream on Fridays.


At Lambert, Edwards & Associates, we dig a bit deeper. We (gently) force clients to think about their bigger-picture and long-term goals. We help businesses of all sizes think beyond the next quarter or even next fiscal year to define a clear, meaningful strategy.


Our senior team has decades of experience helping companies plan effectively towards milestones such as: 


  • Capitalization events (IPOs, reverse mergers, debt & equity financing)
  • Sale of company (to peer company, private equity firm, ESOP, etc.)
  • Acquisitions
  • Divestitures
  • Succession planning


We have helped C-suite leaders plan and execute strategies resulting in global multi-billion-dollar transactions. We have helped small high-growth companies plan and execute strategies to reach objectives as humble as positive cash flow.


Let us ask you the tough question, then help develop a path to find the best answer for your business.