Arlen-Dean Gaddy

National Director - Business Development

Arlen-Dean Gaddy came to Lambert with 25 years of business development experience leading teams of high-performing sales professionals in both global and regional organizations. His track record reflects an award-winning career in propelling top-line revenue growth, client acquisition, win/back strategy, competitor insight and talent development. Arlen will serve as the revenue generating point-person for Lambert’s key client relationships across the U.S.

Prior to joining Lambert, Arlen built a 20-year career with AT&T. While there, he served in various roles, and he was responsible for leading multiple sales divisions and creating systematic revenue operations initiatives. Most recently, Arlen served as the client relationship manager for Jennifer Maxson & Associates along with Varnum Consulting a specialty practice group within Michigan’s leading business law firm. In that capacity, he captured new clients across the U.S. in many industries but specifically in healthcare, automotive and financial services.

Arlen has served on many boards and committees and is an active participant in the Michigan non-profit community. He is currently a board member of ICCF, and he serves on the Kent County Jury Commission.

Arlen is a product of the Ohio State University, earning a bachelor’s degree in operations management.

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Fun Fact

As a self-admitted Football fanatic, Arlen contributes as a Color Analyst for a high school sports radio broadcast and is a College Football Sideline Reporter.