Case Study



Old Orchard Brands is one of the fastest-growing fruit juice brands in the United States offering consumers 40 frozen concentrate flavors and 60 bottled varieties in a range of 100 percent fruit juices and blends, premium and organic juices, fruit juice cocktails and low-sugar fruit juice cocktails. In addition, Old Orchard offers a number of non-juice items including iced coffee and tea beverages from concentrate.


Old Orchard sought to reinvent its existing line of lemonades with a reduced-sugar variety. Lambert’s challenge – how do we build buzz in an overcrowded beverage category?

  • Lambert developed and launched a unique video contest campaign that encouraged mobile, web and social interaction​
  • The project also engaged traditional media outlets and bloggers with extensive media coverage​
  • Leveraging seasonal themes to engage a familiar product in a new way, Lambert pushed out a multimedia news release to build awareness​
  • Utilized a Facebook app and microsite to capture mobile video entries
  • Nearly 1,000 users registered for the contest
  • 9,000 votes were tallied​
  • Produced nearly 350 media placements
  • Generated 13 million media impressions