Case Study



Michigan Department of Education


Assisting the Michigan Department of Education with a Safe Schools Climate Grant for a four-year period from 2011- 2015. Renamed think.respect. the grant allows the State of Michigan to develop comprehensive, data-driven and evidence-based programs that will help to address critical climate conditions for learning. Student achievement and positive youth development can be achieved through promoting student health and wellness, preventing bullying, violence and drug use. Similar to how coordinated school health programs operate within a school, the grant allows schools to focus on the whole child and foster a positive school climate. ​

  • Develop consistent overall messaging associated with the MDE grant and its relevant program areas​
  • Create a branding component for the program statewide​
  • Initiate an internal communications system for all participating schools and related MDE staff to interact with each other
  • Lambert is working individually with each participating school to create a community strategy for communicating about the grant programs, while allowing parents, teachers and other advocates to get involved
  • Social media, grassroots advocacy, media relations, branding, research and strategic planning all have key roles at varying points in this four-year project​