Case Study



Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan is one of the largest independent licensees of Blue Cross Blue Shield Association and administers health benefits to more than 4.3 million members.


Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan (BCBSM) offers a broad variety of health plans to Michigan residents and Lambert has had the opportunity to represent BCBSM for the past 10 years. A key effort was the creation, execution and management of the The Blues Cruiser™, BCBSM’s and Blue Care Network’s mobile education and branding exhibit.

  • Launched the Blues Cruiser with the “Medicare and More” tour
  • Introduced BCBSM’s Medicare Advantage products to Michigan’s Medicare-eligible population in a unique way
  • Secured targeted event locations and created an environment for face-to-face
  • The “Medicare and More” tour, the Blues Cruiser traveled a total of 15,050 miles across Michigan
  • Throughout the tour nearly four million people were exposed to the BCBSM/BCN brand through Cruiser travel days
  • The initiative achieved more than 100 print and broadcast media hits statewide
  • The Cruiser transformed into not only a tool for Medicare, but also an educational and wellness initiative for BCBSM group sales customers and the individual business sector
  • Over a two-year period, the mobile exhibit hosted a total of 110 events in dozens of cities around the state, with more than 52,000 total visitors