Aerospace & Defense

We shape the information environment that helps our clients preserve national security and sustain the aerospace/defense industrial base.

We are engrained in the happenings in the national security community and guide our defense clients’ strategic communication strategies to support their missions. We are involved in the aerospace and aviation industries from ground to sky and know well the key media who keep the world informed about most every form of flight. Our partnership with a former assistant secretary of defense also gives us and our clients valuable knowledge and access to the right influencers at the right time. All in the name of supporting our national security.

Bell Textron Future Vertical Lift

Bell and Lambert developed an integrated marketing strategy that leveraged content marketing and brand journalism with innovative paid media tactics to take defense customers and opinion leaders on a journey that reinforced the need for Modernization, built confidence in the company, and shaped the need for the unique Bell tiltrotor technology.

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Spartan Motors & Force Protection

When Spartan Motors (now Shyft Group) wanted to make a big impact through the introduction of a new military vehicle, Lambert suggested creating an activation in the place least likely to have giant tactical trucks on its streets… New York City. Sales rose and so did its stock price.

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Bell How I 505

Bell wanted to make helicopter ownership relatable for a broader audience, especially for its entry-level aircraft, the Bell 505. Lambert was inspired by its adventure bundle accessories and set out to share the adventures and business uses of its owners, in their own words and pictures. The successful “How I 505” campaign was born. We told their stories through user-generated content and earned media, targeted specifically toward potential buyers.

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